"Honoring Women" Sat May 5th"How to Start your Own Business" Sat June 2nd "Grant Writing for Non Profits" Fri July 13th "Annual Economic Development Conference" Fri August 24th & Sat 25th "Cultural Heritage Award" Oct 27th "Integrating African Women In Diaspora" Sat Dec15th...read more


Policy Development - Management Consultants Int. PDMCI is formed by a group of professionals dedicated to service development in diverse ways. We are goal driven and outcome orientated through strategic planning that supports our affiliates and clienteles in achieving their goals. PDMCI has been providing services since 1998 in the United States. Our headquarters is located in Baltimore, Maryland.

This year PDMCI will be "Honoring Women during the Women History Month" on Saturday, May 5th. On Saturday, June 2nd a workshop "How to Start your Own Business" On Friday, July 13th a workshop on "Grant Writing for Non Profits" will be held. On Friday, August 24th & Sat 25th PDMCI host its biannual conference "Socioeconomic Impact of African Migration across the Atlantic." The conference is open to everyone to include international participants at a small fee. PDMCIconference-workshops introduce/educate members and guests to ways and methodologies of consistent nation building opportunities, better governance and decision-making process for the West African profit and non profit organizations...

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