Call for Papers

Biannual Conference:"Colonialism: Why Africa Remain Backward Today." Friday, August 10th, 2018. - Ask about our Tours and AFRICAN NIGHT GALA events. We want Foreign Investors, Government Officials, and Private-Small Companies to attend this event. "

Students and individuals interested in presenting their perspectives on the Topic Theme are welcome to do so by submitting an abstract paper or poster no later than August 1st, 2018 to

To attend, registration must be received by August 7th, 2018.

Conference participants are welcome from all professional level. Key note speaker selected for good writing will receive three nights of free accommodation.

Submission Guidelines:
"Colonialism: Why Africa Remain Backward Today.".

The topic above is our Focus of Discussion at the PDMCI Biannual Conference. Interested participants are welcome to bring friends and colleagues to participate in this interesting topic of discussion, kindly provide the primary presenter’s name, address, telephone and email address, also remember to include your degree or title and the name of your school.

  1. Your paper must be no more than {abstract: 500 -1000 words} (use your counter)

  2. Be sure to list three learning objects (example: Participants will learn, gain understanding in areas of development needed for the African nation, etc)

  3. List three True/False or multiple-choice questions (no answers)

  4. A clear and concise outline (very brief and can reflect your abstract)

  5. Attach a most current resume or Curriculum Vitae for each presenter

  6. Submit your completed paper via e-mail to no later than August 1st, 2016

Workshop Topic: "Herbal Remedies" (Information ONLY, No Papers Requested) "

Learn new ways from Africa herbal remedies that can and will stabilize or reverse the progression of many health disorders and diseases; Explore various natural herbs that may help you lose or gain your desired weight naturally without harming your body. Event Date, Time & Venue TBA"

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