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PDMCI’s Annual conference will be held on September 30th, 2016 in Ellicott City, Maryland. Many prominent speakers along with information-packed sessions will fill the agenda. Conference is open to Anyone above 18years.

The conference introduce and educate members and guests to ways and methodologies of consistent nation building and better decision-making process for West African Governments/Representatives in relation to International Investment Opportunities and Advancements in West African nations. Also, help foreign investors learn about cultural differences they need to know.

States and Federal Representatives from United States offices of African Affairs and some US States will be present to discuss Economic Development Projects and opportunities for funding projects once approved through the United States system.

Opportunity to question and answer forum, networking by participants, giving an in-depth knowledge and understanding of doing business in West Africa in 21st century to promote economic growth and awareness for foreign investors in these regions.

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Conference Topic:Business Development and Socio-Cultural Inadequacies in 21st Century West Africa.
Workshop Topic: "Herbal Remedies" (Information ONLY, No Papers Requested) "

Learn new ways from Africa herbal remedies that can and will stabilize or reverse the progression of many health disorders and diseases; Explore various natural herbs that may help you lose or gain your desired weight naturally without harming your body. Event Date, Time & Venue TBA"

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