PDMCI Membership

The key value of PDMCI membership is innovative, exclusive member benefits and access to first hand investment information which could help transform and enhance member’s economic development.

PDMCI is dedicated to offer member benefits and privileges through the development of worldwide personal networks and relationships, providing technical advice and promoting economic growth.

Membership Benefits
As a member of PDMCI members enjoy the following services:

  • Assist members in matching country needs to the skills of qualified professionals who are members of PDMCI.

  • Assist member nations, organizations or individuals in speech writings, grant and funding for research and development of their nation from developed nations.

  • Build a strong political database for governmental and academic leaders with expertise on issues relating to economic management and development.

  • Develop links between established bodies that are currently active in other parts of the world in nation building issues through partnership.

  • Exchange of professors, administrators and managers between developed and developing countries.

  • Ensure that workshops, seminars and conferences are held annually by members and interested guests in different parts of the United States.

  • Provide publications of e-newsletter as a way to inform members of PDMCI’s activities, and that of members and affiliates; Journals and book-series in international management development around the world.

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