What We Do

PDMCI takes pride in providing hands on assistance to Local, International Government and Private Organizations in the development of business plans, grants, 501(C)3, and business and economic development training through conferencing, workshops in business management.

We continue to assist our clienteles with all of their business programs need and important projects. Also, providing Tours/ Events and HR consultancy services to private and government organizations.

We take pride in helping small business owners in the development of their business plans and professionals advancement in their career from registering a business, writing business plans, proposals by strategic planning. Committed to serve our clients in the most effective and speedy manner regardless of the nature of the situation, while delivering a highest level of customer service for our clients’ money’s worth.

Delivery of cost effective services and on time services makes us unique among our peers. The ability to work under pressure in partnership with our clients, while ensuring we develop practical and quality solutions precisely tailored to meet their specific needs. To this end, we work assiduously to provide, business development strategies and services in the following areas:

  • We develop, train and deliver the following services at affordable rates.

    Agricultural Policy

    Civil Liberty Rights

    Economic and Social Services

    Educational Services

    Goals Development /Accomplishment

    Speech and Grant Writing

    Health and Human Services

    Human Resources Consulting

    Industrial Training Services

    Leadership Development

    Management Consulting

    Organizational Transformation

    Program Support and Professional Development Training

    Security Enhancement


    Our services help clients to build organizational capacity. In the last decade, we have gained viable reputation in the United States and in West Africa for providing top quality services at competitive rates. We have a wide selection of expertise in all areas of services we provide, ready to assist your utmost needs as needed.

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